YOUR article regarding the cancellation of South Lakes bus services (Gazette, September 26, 'Anger as bus services axed) apparently suggests passengers in Levens have the major problem, although there is a 555 stop within about a mile of the village.

There has been no consultation with the Arnside passengers, and probably none in the villages en route, such as, would they prefer to contribute to their journey, in order to keep the service. Nor can I find any minutes of it being discussed by the parish council.

We have not been informed when the 552 service will be discontinued, making it difficult to arrange or change appointments.

In the article, a Stagecoach spokesperson stated there will be still be buses from Milnthorpe to Kendal, though Milnthorpe is a three to four-mile walk from Arnside, taking up to two hours.

At a time when we are trying to reduce vehicular traffic and the pollution it produces, cancelling bus services is a retrograde step. It appears buses for tourists in Cumbria, presumably to reduce traffic and congestion on the road, take priority over services for the residents who pay their council tax.

Further, reducing the number of people travelling to Kendal can only have a detrimental effect on high street shops.

It would be useful if your newspaper could develop further discussion on this issue and help clarify the situation, and ensure our local services continue.

J B Norton