I WAS at Carnforth railway station on Friday, September 27 trying to get a train to Arnside. I was going on to Beetham.

I got chatting to a lady who was trying to buy a ticket. She decided to call it a day after the ticket office man said there were no more trains running due to the bad weather.

She asked me where I was travelling to and I said I was hoping to get to Beetham. She said she lived in Silverdale and offered to take me to Beetham as it was not too far.

She was an angel and dropped me off outside the hotel. This lady braved puddles, and and in some parts visibility was not an easy thing to contend with. I did not manage to get her name but if she recognises this please can I say that she really was a very generous lady to go out of her way and not leave me stranded. Thank you very much.

Diane Walsh

Middleton, Leeds