CONGRATULATIONS to the traffic wardens who gave a ticket to a BT Openreach van parked at Kendal Market Place on Thursday, September 12, while the technicians were at the back of the van working in the pouring rain.

This ridiculous incident drew quite a crowd of incredulous onlookers.

If the wardens worked on a Wednesday or Saturday they could ticket all the market stallholders and further increase the money the council gets.

Jonathan Martin


Editor's note: the Gazette contacted Cumbria County Council, and here is its response:

"The area within Market Place in Kendal is a restricted area between 11am and 4pm.

"Initially, there were three BT vehicles parked in this location, as well as a silver van. Officers approached the BT workers and explained they could not be in the area at this time - the workers agreed to move two of the vans, but needed to keep one to work from.

"The officers explained that doing so would ultimately result in a fine for both the remaining BT vehicle and the silver van as everybody must be treated in the same way. The BT workers understood this legal requirement and were pleased that officers had made them aware and given a fair opportunity to move the other two BT vehicles.

"Ensuring the restricted area is free of traffic promotes a healthy turnover of parking spaces and contributes towards less congestion in the town."