HILARIOUS Jason Byrne is back touring the kingdom with a new dazzlingly energetic and dynamic live show Wrecked But Ready with a gig at Kendal's Brewery Arts Centre on Thursday, October 24 (7.30pm). Jason, who will go on stage for Wrecked But Ready wearing a typically ridiculous outfit of a dinner jacket on the top and underpants on the bottom, is also an inspired improviser, going off-script and creating superb comedy plucked out of thin air.

The comedian, who has starred in Live at the Apollo (BBC1), The Royal Variety Show (ITV1), Don’t Say It, Bring It (Dave), and Wild Things (Sky), thrives on the sheer unpredictability of his stand-up. According to Jason, "My energy is based on the audience. I feed off them. I include them in everything I talk about, and that's how I make the show different every night."