I AM an Englishman, born in 1940, and have always been proud to an Englishman, until now. Never thought I would see this day come.

Why do I feel like this? It is because of the stupid, childish, bitter, aggressive attitude shown by some people towards Europe.

To say this country is part of the "German Commonwealth" (Letters, October 3, 'Result had no expiry date) sounds to me like something a schoolboy of about ten would say. I just cant get my head round it.

I live in Kendal, England, and there is nothing German about this town. Nobody from Germany or any other country has told me what to do.

Back in the 1970s and early 80s I dealt with many Germans, mostly in their late teens and 20s. Ninety-five per cent of them were very polite, decent people and I have to say I also had dealings with people of the same age group from that place across the pond. They were very different indeed.

Yes, Germany did behave very badly in the 1930s and into the 40s. More than 80 years ago now. Other big countries have behaved very badly since. At this time Germany is probably the least aggressive of all the major countries. It keeps out of things most times.

That referendum has split England right down the middle, near enough. I did vote to stay in but I can't tell you why. All I can say is I voted for the devil I know and not for the devil I did not know. Just a gut feeling it was better to stay in. I have not changed my mind since.

In fact, all this bitterness by some has made me more likely to want to stay in. We were told very little about what was involved. The information was there but you had to look very hard for it.

Europe is far from perfect. Tell me of a place that is. Europe needs us and we need them so please stop all this childish bitterness. By all means bring about change; things are changing all the time. I do want to be a proud Englishman again.

M J Wilson