EACH time I hear the phrase "We must respect the democratic will of the British people" I wince.

The British people? Really?

It's so important not to forget the people of Scotland voted 62 per cent and Northern Ireland 56 per cent to remain. It must be particularly offensive for the latter to have Boris Johnson's "you will get Brexit at any cost" rammed down their throats, threatening as it does to unpick the wonderful peace that has blossomed since the Good Friday Agreement.

As for our own country and Wales, perhaps these results might have been different if fewer lies had been circulated at the time by Leave. It was simply not true that £350 million is the figure we send to the EU each week, and it wasn't true that Turkey's entry into the EU was imminent.

That referendum was too hastily drawn up and very faultily executed, and is why we must be offered a confirmatory people's vote, come what may - only this time, please, no alternative facts!

Trevor Pollard

Newby Bridge