WHERE on earth does Jean Robinson get her information (Letters, September 26, 'People's vote is only way')?.

While in the coalition government, Nick Clegg suggested a referendum should be held to see if the UK electorate wanted to remain in or leave the EU. Jo Swinson enthusiastically agreed with him.

Later, David Cameron proposed the referendum with the simple question "remain or leave", adding there would no ifs or buts, just a simple, unambiguous question that no one could misunderstand.

The House of Commons overwhelmingly voted in favour and promised to act upon the voters' wishes.

Even Paddy Ashdown said that if the vote for or against was only by one per cent the people must be obeyed.

They all of course expected a Remain victory. Even a "dumb wit" like me could understand this ever-so-simple proposition, and have been dismayed ever since that these clever politicians didn't understand what they had done.

By the way, if anyone can explain how the EU can be described as democratic, I would be pleased to hear what is democratic about a parliament which cannot initiate legislation and doesn't even allow debates about legislation passed to them by the unelected Commission. Each member if they are lucky is allowed just two minutes to state their opinion. There is no debate and even if the show of hands - would you believe that is how it is done - votes against it the Commission can and does ignore them.

But I'm a dumb wit, so what do I know about democracy?

By the way I believe the Liberal Democrat party should sued under the Trades Descriptions Act since they are certainly not democratic and Jo Swinson has said that even if there is another referendum and the vote to leave is successful she will keep on fighting to remain in the EU - the second only "state" after the People's Republic of China in its lack of true democracy.

Duncan Turner