ON SEPTEMBER 26 in Ulverston something rather special happened!

Ulverston Town Council financed and organised the Eco Fair at the Coronation Hall at which community groups, local businesses, local and national charities and local councils came together.

Hundreds of people aged three months to 90-plus visited 46 stalls to discover what strategies groups and individuals are already using to cut their carbon footprint, and to consider what we as individuals can do next to ensure a better future for our children and grandchildren.

I know this sounds serious stuff but there was a remarkably upbeat feeling in the Coro. The pupils from the five local schools who visited the event were keen to learn about how best to protect and save our wildlife in the sea and on the land, and how they could help preserve insects by choosing insect-friendly flowers and vegetables.

During the day 75 trees and more than 500 bags of wildflower seeds were given to visitors who had long discussions of where and how best to plant them. There was also an opportunity to speak to a master composter about creating a compost heap at your home, or at your school or place of work.

Barton Townley Nissan brought an electric car and Myerscough Ford Motors brought the brand new Ford hybrid which has has just come into their showroom. Velo Bikes and Ride Bikes showcased their electric bikes and the Bike Project, which works from the library, had reconditioned bikes on sale.

The day also provided a great opportunity for visitors to begin to understand how our food choices have an impact on the environment. Little Sansook B&B and Ripe prepared examples of vegan cookery for visitors to try. I personally found the jackfruit burger a revelation.

Cat Moffat, from Cut the Wrap, spoke about her family’s transition from the throwaway culture to zero-waste pioneers. Her stall highlighted the eco-friendly products which her shop provides to those who brought their own containers.

The town council would like to thank everyone who took part in the planning and on the day with their stalls. All the stallholders were pleased with their many visitors and with the interest people have shown in the event.

Representatives of Ulverston in Bloom, Greener Ulverston, Forge Europa and Ulverston Town Council will be meeting to discuss what we can learn from the event and from the many suggestions which visitors put into our suggestion box for further projects.

The town council's environment committee will be encouraging groups and schools who wish to undertake small projects to improve their sustainability to apply to the council for small grants. We will also be looking at how we can support the major national tree planting day on November 30, 2019.

Cllr Judy Pickthall

Chair, Ulverston Town Council's environment committee