LIFE, as most of us are aware is not always straightforward and can from time to time deal us a card we are least expecting, writes PAM LEWIS.

So, instead of that mammoth win on the lottery, we are told we have a life changing illness or a serious accident that catches us completely unaware. 

We would of course prefer to think about the lottery win as opposed to the harsh realities of life, and many of us would rather be doing anything other than planning for those worst-case scenarios; however this may be a costly avoidance. 

Often if we become so unwell that we cannot manage our affairs or even express our preferences regarding medical treatment, family members are left to try and pick up the pieces at a very stressful and difficult time.  

Families may struggle to get our wishes heard or acknowledged; there may be excessive delays and difficulties for our family in trying to sort out the financial and practical mess that can ensue. 

A Lasting Power of Attorney (LPA) should be a key consideration for us all.  

This will provide someone of your choosing with the authority to act in your best interests should you become unable to do so.  

The simple question is who would you prefer to make decisions on your behalf - someone who doesn’t know anything about you, or a loved one? It’s an important decision. 

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