HUGELY popular Kendal watering hole The Factory Tap prides itself on being a mecca for beer fans.

Yet after being named 'Westmorland Pub of the Year' by the Campaign for Real Ale (CAMRA) as recently as 2017, they were somewhat shocked to discover that they were not listed in the newly published 2020 edition of the CAMRA produced ale lovers' bible The Good Beer Guide.

But owner Ronnie Mullin has not taken the omission lying down, and has launched a good humoured counter-campaign to show off the Aynam Road alehouse's many assets.

"After being Camra Westmorlands pub of the year in 2017 it seems a strange decision," said Mr Mullin.

"Being in the Good Beer Guide is supposed to be worth £10k per year."

Mr Mullin said CAMRA had explained that they only include 24 pubs in each county section and the rich vein of real ale outlets in the area meant competition was fierce for a place in the guide.

CAMRA representatives visit each pub just once then have a single meeting to vote on entries, and on this occasion, his pub had been unlucky.

But rather than drown his sorrows, Mr Mullin has decided instead to hit back by producing a social media campaign pointing out various other spoof guides which cast iron nominations have supposedly been excluded from.

In one well received social media post, he claims famous facial haired US band ZZ Top have been left out of the 'Good Beard Guide' and in another that there is no Blackpool entrant in the 'Good Pier Guide.'

It's all in good fun, and there's plenty more fun to be had at the 'Tap' where Mr Mullin and his staff have shrugged off their omission from the CAMRA guide with a busy series of attractions including food events, a recent beer festival and a regular schedule of new guest ales.