THE article 'Setting out a plan for Kendal's future' (Gazette, October 10) made no suggestion that speaker Alan Stewart, for JTP, included the need for a northern bypass to link, say, the Plumgarths roundabout and the A6 north of Kendal, such as near the proposed site for the £5 million jobs gateway.

Nor was a suggestion put forward in your article '£5m gateway for new jobs' (Gazette, September 26). I seriously think that until a northern bypass links Plumgarths to the A6, someone will be forever putting forward a new plan for Kendal.

If this is resolved first, suggestions for coping with Kendal's interior traffic problems might be resolved.

However, the suggestion put forward by Mr Stewart, master planner of JTP, to de-pedestrianise Stricklandgate, will certainly not help publicise Kendal as a friendly shopping centre for pedestrians, which surely is one of the main reasons why people come to the centre of any city or town.

A suggestion I put forward is: why has not Mr Stewart negotiated with landowners between Plumgarths roundabout and the A6 north of Kendal? I am thinking of not just helping resolve Kendal's internal traffic problem, but even more seriously when traffic needs to be diverted off the M6, which unfortunately might happen at any time.

Nicholas J. Stainforth