A KENDAL man with a form of paralysis is raising money to take his baking business to the next level.

Steve Jones, 53, set up ‘The Baldy Baker’ in April of this year, and is hoping to get a van to aid deliveries.

The van needs to be automatic due to Mr Jones’ erbs palsy, a condition he has had since birth. Erbs palsy affects the nerves and has resulted in him having limited use of his left arm.

Up until two years ago, he had spent his life working as a chef. However, he had to give this up after suffering problems with his right shoulder.

These problems were linked to his condition and the added strain it put on his fully mobile arm.

According to Mr Jones, the help he got from the state while he was unemployed was limited, and it was a difficult time for the family.

He said: “We went through the ropes for a few years trying to survive, and trying to give my family what they have always had.”

He added: “In a way I want the disabled story to kind of hit home to some people, especially to councils and governments - that sometimes people need a little leg up.”

Mr Jones eventually found work at a bakery in Staveley, before deciding to stride out on his own by setting up The Baldy Baker.

His family cannot afford to run two vehicles and, with dogs and children to consider, he said having an automatic van would “open up doors” for him in a business that he is passionate about.

Mr Jones has set himself a £15,000 fundraising target. Visit www.gofundme.com/f/delivering-success to donate to his cause.

The business can be found on Facebook by searching for ‘The Baldy Baker by Steve Jones’.