WHEN I read about the planned closures of the A591 (Gazette, October 17, 'Road closure sparks anger') I thought it was an April fool joke that had been sent via Northern Rail and had just arrived.

I see the days on which it will be closed have been amended. However, the closure times on the other days will remain the same. How can anyone believe that 6.30pm until 1am is a sensible period to close an A road that has no practical alternative, and that it will cause the least inconvenience? If the road is closed from 11pm until 5.30am, the site working time will be the same but the inconvenience will be far less. It is difficult to believe the advertised times will be less costly than this alternative.

To whom is Cumbria County Council accountable? I think Tim Farron should challenge this inexplicable decision on behalf of the local people and businesses and demand that CCC is held to account.

Alan Winter