FIRE chiefs are planning to install shipping containers for storing equipment near Kendal fire station.

Cumbria Fire and Rescue Servies hopes to locate four 40-feet, moss green-painted steel containers at Busher Walk, as well as a 32-feet office cabin for staff, according to plans lodged with South Lakeland District Council.

The possibility of a "blue light hub" in Kendal is being explored by Cumbria County Council in a feasibility study. Such a hub would provide permanent storage for kit, but in the meantime temporary stores are planned in Kendal.

The site would be manned from 8pm to midnight while orders were being prepared for other fire stations.

A 1.8-metre security fence would be installed around the site, which is opposite Kendal police station and next to Kendal Mountain Rescue Team's HQ.

The piece of land was formerly home to an archives storage building, which has now been demolished.

Cumbria's fire service currently keeps all its equipment at the Skirsgill Highways Depot, Penrith.