OLD photographs can really bring the past to life, giving a vivid feel of what it was like to live in an area in times gone by.

These photographs - some of which had been made into postcards - were handed in anonymously at The Westmorland Gazette offices.

They include pictures of Kendal streets and the town's war memorial, Witherlsack village and a glorious shot of a Sunday School Whitsuntide canal boat treat to Levens.

It is not clear which school the Class Three pupils are from, although the sign in front of them says the picture was taken in 1921.

Words written on the back of the picture taken at the former Helme Chase Maternity Home at Kendal indicate the picture was taken at Christmas, between 1960 and 1964.

Midwives identified are Sister Sharpe and Sister Mant on the stairs and three other names are mentioned - Sister Byers, N. Barnes and S. Goad.

If you have any further information about any of these pictures, please write to Letters to the Editor, The Westmorland Gazette, 1 Wainwright's Yard, Kendal, LA9 4DP or email letters@kendal.newsquest.co.uk

If you have any old photographs you would like to share with readers, please send them to Andrew Thomas, Editor, at the address above or email andrew.thomas@kendal.newsquest.co.uk. Please include some brief details about yourself and what you know about the photograph.