Suzie Reynolds

Owner of Leighton Hall

Describe a typical Christmas Day in your household

It’s a very traditional celebration at Leighton with a houseful of family and friends, which usually starts with Church in the morning, followed by a few glasses of bubbles while we open presents.

Between us all, lunch gets cooked and we then watch the Queen’s speech before tucking into the Christmas feast that can go on well into the evening!

There never seems to be time to walk it off, before we start playing games or crash out in front of the television.

Which was your best Christmas – and why?

Long ago, as a child when I waited for Father Christmas, who brought that wonderful stocking I found at the end of my bed.

Who do you think would make the most entertaining guest to invite to Christmas dinner (dead or alive) – and why?

Victoria Wood, for her brilliant wit and observation but only if she promised to entertain us with “The Ballad of Barry and Freda”!

What was your best Christmas present as a child?

By today’s standards what would seem a very old-fashioned black bicycle. It gave me unlimited scope for travel and adventure around our area.

What is your favourite carol or Christmas pop song – and why?

“Hark the Herald Angels Sing” says it all for me at Christmas.

What is your favourite festive ramble for walking off all the mince pies and turkey?

On a lovely, clear, frosty afternoon, it would be up to the top of the Leighton Park to look at the view over Morecambe Bay to the Lakeland hills.

If you could spend Christmas Day anywhere in the world, apart from at home, where would it be – and why?

Probably somewhere like India to experience a completely different culture, climate and tradition.