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A PAINSTAKING research campaign by a trio of South Cumbrian women has resulted in a fascinating and detailed book on the historic rural area where they live.

'Feather Bed & Shive of Cheese,' which is sub-titled 'Names in the landscape of Finsthwaite, Lakeside, Stott Park and Ealinghearth' examines as the sub-title suggests the names of villages, farms, patches of woodland and even fields in that area of land.

The book, which runs to more than 170 pages, describes those physical features in great detail using words, maps, drawings and photographs to provide a lucid and evocative record of the region's rich history.

"We never expected to find as may names and as much detail as we did but it has been so interesting and we hope that comes across in the book," said Sophia Martin, who like co-author Pat Jones lives in Finsthwaite, with the third member of the trio, Liz Kingston, hailing from Ulverston.

Their work was entirely voluntary with the project itself financed by the Heritage Lottery Fund and run under the 'Mapped Histories' initiative which is part of the Rusland Horizons in South Cumbria programme.

The book priced £14.99, is stocked in Waterstones' Kendal store, bookshops in Ulverston and also on Amazon.