THE wording "Parking for residents only, please park elsewhere" on a street sign at Phoenix Way, Windermere, is not particularly helpful if you are unfamiliar with where the car parks are.

Similarly I have noticed over a number of visits the selfish parking, presumably by residents, of vehicles that appear never to move: a campervan near the library and a rather sad-looking car n Broad Street being good examples.

We also have numerous examples of houses with drives and the capacity to accommodate the occupant’s car, but these are left on the street. Given all the capacity residents are using themselves, it is perhaps not surprising that drivers from outside the area will resort to parking in places which residents may not welcome.

While my comments are specific to Windermere I am sure the issue is not unique to the town. It also underlines how difficult it must be for planners to balance the preferences of all who wish to drive a car in the Lake District.

Maybe it would be more straightforward to simply remove the words "Please park elsewhere". The remaining words, "Parking for residents only", are sufficient.

In the meantime, I shall indeed ‘"park elsewhere" on my next holiday, which will be in the Peak District.

Guy Lingford