I MUST totally disagree with the views set out in the letter 'Minds Change' (Letters, October 24).

When a general election is called, every person who is of an age to vote has the democratic right to vote for the party of their choice.

Once that party has obtained the greatest number of seats (not votes) available they are then expected to form a government and that decision is accepted by the country, however much it may be disliked.

That is democracy in action, because the numbers would show that, added together, more votes would be likely to have been cast for the parties deemed to have lost than those cast for the winning party.

Laws and decisions are carried by votes and can be accepted as won by as little as one vote, as proved in this present administration.

In the referendum of 2016 we, the people of this democratic country, were given a clear choice - leave or remain - within the European Union. By a majority of votes the choice was made to leave, and that should have been accepted and acted upon, as indeed every other decision carried by a majority of votes is accepted and acted upon.

Edward A W Imrie