HORSE lovers will have the chance to stay in a room adjoining their equestrian friends as part of a unique new visitor experience.

‘Stable Stays’ at Greenbank Farm, near Cartmel, offers guests a stable and adjoining bedroom with a see-through partition and open top.

People can spend a night or two with one of the resident Friesian horses or Shetland ponies, or bring their own horse for a holiday.

It is the latest in a line of 'Friesian Experiences' to be offered by Tracey Alexander, who cares for the horses, with visitors to Greenbank also enjoying activities such as carriage driving lessons, beach and countryside rides, and therapy sessions.

Ms Alexander said: “For the die-hard horse lover we bring you the unique opportunity to make those childhood dreams come true.

“Stable Stays - The Friesian Sleepover may just be the best sleepover ever and the first of its kind in the UK and possibly the world!”

The bedrooms are self-catered and come equipped with a mini kitchen, shower and eco toilet.

Prices start at £250 per night. Visit for more information.