Christopher Wordsworth Andrew is the great great great great grandson of the poet William Wordsworth. He and his family still own the house at Rydal Mount near Ambleside, where the poet lived and wrote.

Describe a typical Christmas Day in your household.

We will normally have gone to a Christmas service on Christmas Eve - so Christmas can start very relaxed. Then, depending on whether we are hosting the day or we are going to another family member, the day becomes more manic.

Either way it all seems to get done, assisted by a lot of fizzy and red wine. If we remember we may try to watch the Queen at 3pm, but in recent years we are finishing the lunch later and later - so we are all collapsing in front of some blockbuster or other.

Which was your best Christmas – and why?

I guess the Christmases between the ages of 8-11 were the best, when the stocking appearing at the end of the bed was truly magical. My grandparents were still alive and the whole family gathered at their house.

Who do you think would make the most entertaining guest to invite to Christmas dinner (dead or alive) – and why?

I would think a great raconteur would be ideal. Maybe a Peter Ustinov, Steven Fry or even an Oscar Wilde.

What was your best Christmas present as a child?

My favourite toys growing up were called ‘Zoids’ - some sort of mechanical dinosaurs that you built from a model. They did not need glue and many didn’t need batteries. They were much better than Star Wars!

What is your favourite carol or Christmas pop song – and why?

The traditional Christmas Carols - I love them all and I would be hard pressed to chose between ‘In the Bleak Midwinter’ and ’The Holly and the Ivy’. As for pop songs, I think Wham’s ‘Last Christmas’.

What is your favourite festive ramble for walking off all the mince pies and turkey?

The two-lakes walk around Rydal and Grasmere takes some beating.

If you could spend Christmas Day anywhere in the world, apart from at home, where would it be – and why?

I spent Christmas in Rio de Janerio one year. It was great fun. We were there also for New Year, where everyone wears white and throws gladioli into the sea in a pagan ritual!