SURVEY and investigation works are to be carried out by the Environment Agency in Kendal from Monday as part of the development of phase one of the town's flood risk management scheme.

These will include visual inspections of existing manholes and river walls, surface surveys, trial pits to identify the location of foundations and underground services, and surveys to detect tree roots and building structures. Structural surveys will also be undertaken for some riverside walls and properties to identify how they have been built.

An EA spokesman said the structural surveys will involve measurements, visual inspections and taking photographs and notes.

"They are completely non-intrusive and are very low impact," said the spokesperson. "In many cases, the trial pits are dug by hand. For larger trial pits, an excavator and other machinery may be required.

"Some of these surveys will be completed from the roadside or other public rights of way, however some locations could require access to privately owned land in order to get the best information.

"For existing river walls, our surveyors will undertake the survey along the River Kent throughout Kendal. This will be done either from existing river banks or areas of raised bed where this is possible. Where this is not possible, a visual survey will be undertaken from a small boat that will allow us to access as close as possible to the structure.

"For existing properties, our surveyors will attend the property and visually inspect both internal and external parts of the building, to allow us to better understand the construction. Our surveyors will attend the property at a time convenient for occupiers and will ask whether they have any additional relevant information about their properties which could support our investigation."

Where possible, the works will be completed from 8.30am until 4.30pm