NEW export markets across Europe, Asia and Africa have seen the UK’s largest home fragrance company expand its worldwide reach to 46 countries.

Wax Lyrical, which specialises in quality British-made candles and reed diffusers, has expanded its Paris operation to open new outlets across Belgium, Holland, Luxembourg and Russia.

And as part of its worldwide expansion Wax Lyrical, which celebrates its 40th anniversary next year, has also opened up new export markets in South Korea, Australia, Pakistan and Nigeria.

Warren Gell, Wax Lyrical’s commercial director, said: “Historically 90 per cent of our sales have been in the UK. In 2019 we have increased exports so that the UK market now represents 80 per cent.

“Our strategy is that exports will be further increased to represent 50 per cent of our business in the next three years.”

Warren said the testing in its new laboratory, and subsequent performance of Wax Lyrical’s high quality British-made candles and reed diffusers, gives them a competitive advantage, and is one of the reasons why their products are so popular with consumers.

“Our story is about our innovation, our people, our environment, and our high quality, British-made products.

“We have invested more than £100,000 in a state-of-the-art laboratory this year. All our products go through rigorous research, development and testing.

Central to the Lindal-in-Furness company’s plans - both at home and abroad - is creating in-store ‘experiences’ - to ensure consumers are fully aware of the Wax Lyrical story.

Warren said: “Across Europe consumers love a quality British-made product. That gives us a point of difference in the marketplace.

The company plans to open up a pop-up ‘Wax Lyrical Experience’ store in Paris next year to bring the 40-year story of its science, environment, people and products to life.

“In our pop-up store in Paris, we will show consumers the Lake District environment which inspires our people and our products every day at our headquarters where all our creative, design and production is done,” said Warren.

“Our environment is also really important to us. Being situated on the edge of the English Lake District we are inspired by the clean air and environment around us and are fully committed to producing environmentally-friendly, sustainable products.”

The company, which recently increased its workforce by more than 20 per cent and now employs 110 people, is still planning further growth in the UK market.