A FOOTBALL club has appealed for information after its home pitch was damaged by an act of ‘unnecessary vandalism’.

Members of Cartmel Association Football Club (CAFC) woke up to find their pitch had been targeted by vandals who drove their vehicles over the grass, with deep tracks visible.

Bosses at the club, which plays near Cartmel Racecourse, were so disappointed they have decided to offer a reward to help find those responsible.

Cash will be paid for information which leads to the identification and prosecution of the vandals.

Taking to Twitter, Cartmel Association Football Club bosses said: “Thanks (again) to the imbeciles who have decided to do this to pitch [sic]....just what we need as a local football club.

“If anyone has any info that leads to us being able to prosecute, we are offering a £500 reward for that info. We are checking the CCTV now too.”

The village team’s ground was also vandalised less than a year ago, when drivers performed doughnuts across the sodden turf in what CAFC chairman Steve Chambers called a similarly “mindless” act.

Community leaders slammed the vandalism as ‘disgusting’ and urged anyone with information to come forward.

Gill Gardner, Liberal Democrat South Lakeland district councillor for Cartmel, said: “It’s disgusting that anybody could do something like that - awful, appalling stuff."

The Conservative councillor for the Cartmel ward was also damning of the ‘act of unnecessary vandalism’. Cllr Michael Cornah said: “It’s extremely regrettable that a keen local football club such as Cartmel could be put in a position of financial difficulty here through no fault of their own. ”He added: “I wish the football club every success in tracking down the culprit or culprits.”

Geraldine McKay, manager of Cartmel Racecourse, which shares an entrance with the football club, said: “We were saddened to hear the football pitch had been targeted by vandals. We have a number plate recognition system at the entrance to our car park to log drivers who fail to pay for parking. This is not the same as CCTV. It works very differently, so we’re unable to assist in finding those responsible on this occasion. If we were able to help, we would of course be in touch with Cumbria Police.”