A MAJOR survey has predicted a rise in prices in the coming months for property in the LA22 postcode.

The area, which includes the town of Ambleside and the villages of Grasmere and Elterwater, is fourth in the list of Cumbrian postcodes with predicted rises.

And neighbouring LA 21, which includes Coniston and Torver is just behind in fifth on the list, with the CA11 postcode which includes Glenridding and Patterdale, in sixth place.

However, the majority of Cumbria’s postcodes are expected to see a price drop, with CA16, which includes Appleby, 10th on the list of areas where a drop is predicted.

Gavin Brazg, founder of PropCast, the property market analysts who conducted the study, said Brexit uncertainly had proved a factor.

"Although some postcode districts do retain the upper hand in Cumbria despite Brexit uncertainty, sellers still need to position their asking price competitively against other similar properties for sale if you want to attract multiple offers and achieve the best possible price," he said.

“For the rest of Cumbria, try not to be too down heartened. There are numerous factors that can lead to drops which are usually symptomatic of each other."

Matt Dixon, director of Matthews Benjamin estate agents, who have an office in Ambleside, said a rise in property prices around the town was a distinct possibility.

"Regarding the forecast of LA22 post codes to increase in value, I would say that this is definitely possible despite the uncertain political climate," he said.

"Although I would say should price increases occur, I would envisage them to be at the lower end of the market ie £200,000/£400,000 brackets.

"This particular end of the market has already seen increases this year.

"If price increases happen, it is likely due to the fact that available stock is at the lowest level I can remember.

"Due to demand from buyers in the market place and the fact that instructions are at a very low level.

"Generally the market is unpredictable and prices need to be realistic.

"However for the right property there can be multiple buyers and asking prices can be exceeded.

"I suspect the closer we get to the election people will sit on their hands and wait for the result.

"Hopefully confidence will be provided."