WE HAVE had several manifestos out recently and why should we believe any of them?

Labour said they would honour the result of the referendum, then did a U-turn without a vote, to become the Remain party. This is a total betrayal of the electorate as these MPs stood on this manifesto promise. They should have done the decent thing and resigned if they could not support it.

The Tory manifesto. page 36, said we will leave the customs union, we will leave the single market, we will leave the European Court of Justice and we will stop paying vast amounts of money to the EU. They won the election on these promises. This infers a clean break, which is what the electorate voted for. What they are doing is also a total betrayal of the electorate. Every single MP who has not honoured their manifesto promise should lose their seat and be banned from standing ever again.

As for Labour and Liberals (I can’t call them Democrats) saying a second referendum will be honoured? Oh yes, what about the first one? Also saying a second referendum will give the option to remain! We have already given our vote on that, so any new referendum can only be the method of leaving such as Boris’s deal or no deal. That is the only democratic question. Anything else and any vestige of democracy we once had will have been systematically destroyed.

Why can’t the Remainers just accept they have lost the argument? This would have been done and dusted in March. I lost the common market vote and had to wait 45 years to have another say. Let’s have the clean break and wait another 45 years for another vote. That is the fairest option.

R Quirk