Andrew Taylor, Chairman of Tatham History Society, welcomed members and speaker John Wilson to the meeting held in the Old School, Tatham Fells.

Mr Wilson gave an illustrated talk entitled ‘Tatham and District in the Civil War and after c1640-1660'.

He said there were no serious battles here, only skirmishes. Parliamentarians took Lancaster Castle and Thurland Castle with no resistance and Hornby Castle with only two deaths.

Richard Pooley, who founded Wray School, supported Parliament and another Wray man Thomas Skirrow took provisions to troops at the siege of Latham. John Cantsfield of Robert Hall, Tatham supported the Royalists and although contemporary reports stated Royalists had attacked Lancaster, there were no burials reported at that time.

The Scots Northern Horse joined the Royalists; John Bond of Lythe, Tatham Fells, was accused of killing his neighbour's sheep to supply the army. Oliver Cromwell’s signature is on the marriage certificate of a Martin Knowles at Malham - it is thought that at the time he could have been staying with his second in command, General John Lambert, who lived at Malham.

The next meeting will be on December 7.