AT THE parish council meeting the police reported that there were four incidents in the immediate local area. They included a burglary at Holme, two males acting suspiciously in Clawthorpe and a stolen van in collision with a wall in Dalton. The report also warned of a spate of quad bike thefts in the area.

District Cllr B Cooper reported that the topics of concern to South Lakeland District Council (SLDC) were climate change, poverty and homelessness. The release of £21,500 to the PSiCA and drainage improvements was agreed. This sum comprised two instalments of the monies already approved for the PSiCA, and £11,000 previously approved from the Community Infrastructure Levy. Additionally, the three district councillors had also allocated monies from their funds.

The first part of the B4RN programme had now been completed and Part B was planned to connect towards Boon Town. It was emphasised that residents should now both register an interest with B4RN and apply for the voucher scheme to allow the project to continue. The voucher scheme not only allows funds to be released but accrues benefit to individuals as well.

The work on the PSiCA is ongoing, the main challenge being the prevalence of other utilities in the excavated area. Councillors had cut back undergrowth along Slape Lane and the council discussed the need to cut back the hedges on either side. It became apparent that little could be done to improve the surface due to lack of funds but the £1,000 in the budget ring fenced for Slape Lane might be used to improve access.

Daffodil bulb planting on the A6070 verges had been delayed until conditions improved.

Reports from councillors included discussion of a neighbourhood plan; commemoration of the 75th anniversary of VE day and the lack of response from SLDC about the planning issues at Church Bank Gardens development. Burton Educational Foundation had received 38 applications for grants of which 30 were from Burton residents.