NORTH Yorkshire Police has revealed its latest recruit to the force. 

Harry is a 14-week-old cocker spaniel who is destined to become an explosives detection dog.

North Yorkshire Police have said he is currently being puppy-walked by one of their volunteers to socialise him and get him use to everyday situations such as getting to know other dogs, travelling in a vehicle, interacting with people and getting used to traffic and other noises.

Next week he will go to live with Dog Section Sergeant, Simon, where he will start to integrate into police life, get to know his grown-up canine colleagues, and will be continually assessed for his suitability as a police search dog.

The Westmorland Gazette:

A North Yorkshire Police spokesman said: "Once we know he has the right temperament and attitude to be a search dog, he will be paired up with his human handler and they will train and qualify together as a team.
"He’ll then begin his career helping to keep North Yorkshire and its communities safe."