WHILE I'm aware that at election time the fringe parties often promote outlandish ideas and pledges in order to get themselves noticed, I think the current flagship policy of Tim Farron and his Liberal Democrat colleagues is the most extreme in many years.

Their promise to overturn Brexit "on day one" is not only a well-aimed kick in the teeth from Mr Farron to the thousands of local people who voted to leave but is also, I think, a cause of concern to more than a few fair-minded Remain voters who are uneasy at the casual disregard for democracy this policy demonstrates.

Mr Farron's leader has, in fact, doubled down by stating that even if there were a second referendum in which Leave won again, the party wouldn't accept the result.

Despite repeated assurances over the last three-and-a-half years from many Liberal Democrats that they respect the result of the referendum, it is now clear the position of Mr Farron and his party is anything but democratic.

Michael Entwistle