AS PREPARATIONS and excitement for Christmas grow, we recognise it can be a difficult time for people with Type 1 and Type 2 diabetes, especially if it is their first festive season with the condition.

It can be a time of temptation, unpredictable or delayed meals, extra nibbles, excitement and stress, all of which can make managing diabetes more of a problem.

As a registered charity for people with both types of diabetes, we have just published our December newsletter and we also have a booklet, Diabetes at Christmas, to help families who live with the condition. It gives options for Christmas dinners, a recipe for home-made, lower carbohydrate and calorie Christmas pudding, and many other tips.

We also have a booklet, Diabetes - Everyday Eating, and we hope the newsletter and two booklets will help to make life easier over the festive season.

We are happy to send these out free of charge; call 01604-622837 or email

Jenny Hirst

Co-chair, InDependent Diabetes Trust