READING the advertisement feature by Kendal BID (Gazette, December 19, 'Kendal has just got so much to offer!!') filled us with pride to live here, except for two reasons: toilets and parking.

Once again we went to use the public toilets in our wonderful shopping centre to find them closed again.

Imagine you are a tourist, you've travelled an hour to visit Kendal, managed to find a parking place and your child wants the loo. The first place you come across are the closed toilets in the shopping centre; no sign to apologise and tell you where the nearest one is. Remember you're a tourist and have a desperate child. You don't know the town or where the tourist information centre is to be given a leaflet for those places on the toilet scheme. We travel quite a lot in this country and everywhere we go there is plenty of affordable parking and lovely clean toilets.

We do wonder if we really are inviting tourists to our lovely town and providing facilities for them and allowing them time to hopefully spend money here.

Rita and Alistair Lawson