A KENDAL man is helping people rebuild their lives from scratch after deadly fires destroyed parts of Australia.

Deployed on several occasions to countries across the world to help those less fortunate this time Andrew Broadbent, also known as Broadie, of Burneside Road went to Willawarrin area in Eastern Australia with Team Rubicon UK, a charity that responds to domestic and international disasters.

His recent trip comes as fierce wildfires, which have broken out in parts of Australia since September, have killed at least nine people and destroyed more than 700 houses.

New South Wales declared a seven-day state of emergency with 2,000 firefighters battling more than 100 wildfires across the state.

In Willawarrin multiple homes have been incinerated due to the natural disaster.

Mr Broadbent, who works for the College of Policing as leadership development manager, has been volunteering with Team Rubicon UK for two years.

“I volunteer my time because I am passionate about helping others when they are in their darkest hour,” said the 33-year-old.

“Team Rubicon do amazing work to support those people in the first few days and weeks in the wake of a natural disaster. I love being part of an amazing team.

Mr Broadbent is due to return this Sunday after being there for more than 15 days.

Team Rubicon rely solely on donations. To help fund the effort in Australia people can donate at teamrubiconaus.org