A COUPLE in their 60s who together shed 12 stone in weight after changing what they eat are hoping to inspire others to transform their own lives with their new book.

In February last year, Julie Carrick weighed 16 stone and 13 lbs and was wearing a size 22 in clothes, while her husband, Martin, weighed in at 18 stone and 7lbs and was an XXL.

Just 18 months later, Julie, 60, had lost seven stone while 62 year old Martin had lost five stone.

Now, having managed to keep the weight off, and most importantly, maintain it, they have published a book, describing how they went from a lifetime of being overweight to rediscovering a zest for life as slim and healthy 60 year olds.

The couple will be signing copies of their book 'Losing It' at Lakeland, Windermere, on January 18 and January 19, from 10am.

Julie and Martin, who have adult children, are originally from Sheffield but have lived in Keasden, near Settle, for nine years. They are both former police officers, Julie retired on medical grounds several years ago following a bad road accident, after which she was diagnosed with Non-Hodgkin’s Lymphoma and given just a short time to live.

She fought back, became a holistic therapist, and also ran a successful leader with Weight Watchers.

But, despite what they felt were healthy lifestyles, they kept an eye on what they ate, Julie is a keen swimmer, and Martin played rugby and goes to the gym, they remained overweight.

“We had reached a point in our lives where we were at our wits end," said Martin. "We felt fat and certainly looked fat, but not actually acknowledging the fact that we were so overweight.”

‘Losing It!’ , which went on sale earlier in December 2019, details the foods they say you can eat and what you ought to avoid - such as pasta, pasty, dairy products, and all types of bread - and sets out a weight loss plan.

It also includes a number of recipes, including suggestions for breakfast, lunch and dinner, side dishes and accompaniments, desserts and treats.

Losing It! It’s Not What You Eat But What You Don ‘t Eat That Matters! is available on Amazon and at Waterstones, or by emailing Julie and Martin at julieandmartinlosingit@gmail.com