HERE in Sedgwick, newspapers are delivered by a shop four miles away in Milnthorpe to a defunct telephone box, to be collected by the individual each morning, including Sundays. A strong metal box was provided on a plinth. It was great and worked very well.

The phone box is kept clean, the pathway free of weeds, etc. It's even done up at certain times of year, such as Easter and Christmas. Last month silver sticky-back paper was put over the old phone fittings, and ivy, dried cones with red ribbon, a small Christmas tree and a message of Happy Christmas were put up. That is, until the Sunday before Christmas, when the box was stolen and all the decor ripped out; not a sign of anything left. Inquiries came to nothing.

I can't tell you how upsetting this has been. Why and who would do such a thing? Okay, take the metal box (it was a good one) but why take down the decor? It's no use bothering the police with such a trivial theft.

The papers are still being delivered, including The Westmorland Gazette, and the metal box has been replaced by a plastic one, without the plinth that was also stolen.

Any information would be gratefully received.

Dorinda Mackereth