A DOOR to a Kendal property was broken down and class A drugs seized by police yesterday morning.

Police said a warrant was executed in the Castle Drive area.

A constabulary spokeswoman said Cumbria was "not a soft touch" and it was hoped this kind of action would "send out a message".

The video below shows police breaking down the door (video: @SouthLakesPol):

The spokeswoman added: “No arrests were made, however class A drugs were seized from the property.

“The warrant was part of the ongoing week of action in which we are focusing on priorities raised by the local community and targeting issues important to them.

“We will continue to work on these issues throughout the year. During this week we have (had) officers out locally in a highly visible manner showcasing the work that goes on continuously throughout the year."  

Inspector Paul Latham said the warrant can been carried out "off information provided by the public". 

"Without that information we would not have been able to take action," he added.