THE Government's announcement of nearly £3 billion in funding to support farmers once the UK leaves the European Union (EU) will provide a "degree of certainty and stability" in the coming near, according to a senior figure at the National Farmers' Union (NFU).

However, Nick Von Westenholz, NFU director of the EU exit, said a "clear-cut commitment" was needed from the Government that domestic producers would not be undermined by overseas imports "produced to standards that would be illegal here."

Last month, Chancellor Sajid Javid announced nearly £3 billion in funding spread across two financial years (beginning this year) to support farmers once the UK leaves the European Union (EU), which the Home Office reported would keep levels of funding in 2020 "at the same rate" as Direct Payments from the EU last year.

Mr Von Westenholz added: "We [the NFU] look forward to working with the government in the months ahead, both in designing and implementing a future agricultural policy that will support sustainable food production in the UK, but also in leading the world in pursuing a progressive and sustainable trade policy that has our high environmental and welfare standards at its heart."