IN KENDAL, groundwater flooding accounted for a high percentage of wrecked homes and lives - even along Aynam Road where the water came up through the floor long before the river broke its banks.

Reading that it is the responsibility of residents to seal cellars and basements against future groundwater flooding leaves me increasingly concerned about friends in Kendal who are relying on the flood plans to protect them (Gazette, January 9, 'We deserve much better').

If it is not the responsibility of the Environment Agency to protect concerned residents from groundwater, does that mean there is no financial or other help available in the flood scheme for carrying out such necessary resilience work?

While I'm here, can I also ask if there is anywhere I can go to see an artist impression or technical drawing of the "complex mechanical means of controlling water flow" shown on plans as being up to six metres high and holding back 1,630,000m3 of water?

Sue Kennedy