A STREET in Ulverston suffered significant damage after what was described as a ‘mini tornado’ took its toll on homes in the area.

Sands Road was hit by a sudden surge of weather, brought about by Storm Brendan, between 4.30pm and 5pm on Monday.

Resident Caroline Smith-Dance was at work in Whitehaven when her neighbour rang her with the news that her house had been damaged.

“How anyone was not injured I do not know,” she said. “It is not just mine that was damaged, there is about 10 houses that have been affected.

“I was dreading coming into my street to see what I would find.

“It was described as a ‘mini tornado’ by my neighbours and the houses shook.

“There was water coming in to my house because of the damage, and one person a couple of doors down lost most of their roof.

“One van, a car, and a motorbike across the road were damaged by the tiles that were flying about.

“Jamie Gore and Paul Abbott from Aspire have been amazing, they have helped everyone waterproof their houses.

“I have amazing neighbours, everyone has been out on the street today, whenever there is a crisis, they are great.

“I am relieved now, I can sleep tonight knowing I won’t wake up to water coming through the roof.”

A spokesman from the Met Office said that tornados in the UK are not entirely uncommon, and they often appear as funnel clouds. He also explained that it was likely caused by strong winds that struck Cumbria on Monday.