TWO inseparable dogs have now found their forever homes after they were left living rough in the woods.

Nine-year-old sheepdogs Bess and Roy were rescued by an RSPCA inspector back in November 2019 when they were discovered tied up in woodlands in the South Lakes area.

It was believed they had previously been working collies on a farm whose owner had no longer been in a position to look after them.

Since then they had been living at the RSPCA’s Westmorland branch.

There was one condition though, while the RSPCA staff searched for a new owner, which was Bess and Roy had to be rehomed together.

This was because Roy is blind in one eye and seriously impaired in the other, so he relies on Bess to be his guide dog.

“Despite their age they are both young at heart and full of energy,” said branch manager Christine Lowe.

“Roy relies on Bess in many ways, she’s essentially his doggy guide dog and wherever Bess goes Roy will be following close behind.” And now the duo have found the “perfect home”.

“It’s what I had envisaged for them,” said branch manager Christine Lowe.

“They’ve really fallen back on their feet and will live happily to the end of their days at their new home.”

Meanwhile, another dog who was nearly killed, has also been rehomed.

Winnie the terrier was found by the RSPCA’s Westmorland branch after it was almost mauled to death in an illegal badger baiting incident in 2018.

The young dog, thought to be around four, had suffered significant injuries, including skin being ripped away from her and jaw.

After a lifesaving operation, which was funded by £1,000 raised by the community’s donations, Winnie was given another shot at life.

RSPCA re-homing coordinator Jean Kitchen said she was delighted with Winnie’s new home.

She said: “The first home for her failed because of her excitable personality, but the second people just came along and accepted her the way she is, which is exactly what she needed.”