Police have captured a man who was running across rooftops after allegedly assaulting a police officer.

Onlookers in were shocked to see a man climbing over chimneys as he tried to escape the police after his alleged attack of a police officer at 8am, January 23.

The man could be seen reaching the end of a row of terraced houses on Hainault Road in Leyton, north east London, and realising he was stuck as police surrounded him.

After a lengthy stand-off, a fire engine arrived and officers reached the wanted man via a crane, escorting him safely to the ground where he was then arrested.

A resident on the street said: "I didn’t see the incident he was running from to climb on the roof but I watched the aftermath unfold.

"I saw four police officers chase the man down the back alley of Leyton Highroad onto Hainault Road and then he climbed on the roof but he was surrounded.

"Police cars soon turned up and the police surrounded the building.

"Fireman arrived, so did ambulances and a helicopter and then there was a two hour negotiation with a man in civilian clothes.

"The man looked for escape routes on the roof and he did say he would jump at one stage when on the edge of the roof

"Two police officers eventually got him into the crane and checked he had nothing on him before arresting him and bringing him to the ground.

"He was taken down to the police van where the negotiator had words with him before being taken away in a police van."

Cann Hall Police tweeted: "We're currently dealing with an aggressive male running across rooftops after an assault & foot chase.

"Road closures are currently in place due to this on High Rd #Leyton & Hainault Rd #E10. Busses are on diversion.

"Please avoid the area for the moment due to heavy traffic."