RECENTLY I received a copy of South Lakeland News which I did not ask for, nor did I want, but I have to pay for it through council taxes.

It is a but a self-glorification of the council’s activities and the "How to Get Help" column is not helpful to the elderly as it constantly refers to Twitter, which I suspect we neither know nor use. Email addresses would have been more helpful.

The money to produce it would be better spent on improving council services.

Donald A Wroe


Editor's note: the Gazette contacted South Lakeland District Council and here is its response:

"We produce South Lakeland News three times a year in line with the government’s Code of Practice on Local Authority Publicity to help inform our residents about how the council is working on their behalf, how their council tax is being spent and to provide information of interest on everything from recycling tips to what support is available to families on low incomes.

“South Lakeland News has proved to be a cost-effective way to inform our residents about the council’s activities. The content and design is produced in-house and the cost of the printing and distribution is partially offset by advertising revenue.

"We are sorry Mr Wroe has not enjoyed reading his edition of South Lakeland News. Independent research by the University of Cumbria Business School showed a majority of residents do consider it an "important" source of information about the work of the district council.

“South Lakeland News complements our other information outlets, such as our social media accounts and website, and the council produces it as a print edition delivered to households in recognition that not everyone is on Twitter or Facebook or has access to our website.

"In the "How to Get Help" column we include the contact information provided to us by the organisations featured, but will always try to include a telephone number or web address where possible. The "Help is at Hand" column, which also lists a number of external organisations that can offer advice and support to residents, lists contact telephone numbers in almost all cases.’’