A KENDAL rapper and cancer patient has launched a YouTube channel featuring videos about how he is coping with the disease.

Scott Merriman, 30, has been sharing his cancer journey on his channel called ‘The Leukemia Lad’ which has now been viewed nearly 25,000 times by people across the world.

Mr Merriman was diagnosed with leukaemia in December 2016, just weeks before his mum, Gail, was told she had terminal lung cancer.

The fitness enthusiast first thought he had pulled a muscle when he felt pain in his shoulder after lifting weights at the gym, where he was training up to six days a week.

But the soreness refused to go away and after several appointments with his doctor, Mr Merriman was referred to Westmorland General Hospital for urgent blood tests.

Just days later he was diagnosed with chronic myeloid leukaemia – a form of blood cancer that occurs when the bone marrow produces white blood cells that do not work properly.

Mr Merriman said: “Nothing can prepare you for the moment the doctor says the words: ‘It’s cancer’. I’d never even heard of leukaemia and certainly didn’t think something like this could happen to someone like me. I was eating well and going to the gym regularly, so it was all such a huge shock.”

A short time later his mother was diagnosed with terminal cancer and following a brave battle against the disease, she died in December 2017.

Days before his mum passed away, Scott proposed to his partner Joanna, age 24. They tied the knot at New House Farm in the Lake District in June last year and are now enjoying married life.

“We had the most amazing wedding day, filled with so much love and happiness," said Mr Merriman. "It was sad that my mum wasn’t there to celebrate with us, but I know she would have been incredibly proud.”

Mr Merriman is currently in the maintenance phase of his treatment and says a huge part of feeling back to normal has been getting back to the gym – and also following his dream of recording an album of rap music.

Two months after his diagnosis, Mr Merriman started his YouTube channel and has made over 100 videos on a variety of topics - from filming gym workouts during cancer treatment to introducing his cancer medication, which he calls his ‘staying alive pills’.

He will release his first album called ‘Borrowed Time’ in late January which will be available on major streaming services including Spotify and Google Music. The album has been recorded at the Heavy Rain Sound Studio at Castle Mills, Kendal.

Mr Merriman is also urging people to support World Cancer Day on February 4 by wearing a Cancer Research UK unity band. To get a unity band and to make a donation, go online at cruk.org/worldcancerday