IS KENDAL an unsafe place to cycle?

We all know what a great place Kendal is to live and work and what a healthy lifestyle we can have here... or do we?

Nestling in a valley, the air pollution really is getting worse and many of us spend more ever-increasing lengths of time stuck in traffic queues or at traffic lights which always seem to be on red when no one is around.

Every new housing development seems to attract more traffic lights, and the fumes pouring out of stationary vehicles really aren't good for any of us.

As a committed cyclist, I really do try to go places by bike but, as we all know, the town is becoming more and more dangerous for those on two wheels with almost no cycle lanes and those that are there - such as the canal path - blocked by engineering works for weeks on end.

Our roads are very narrow and cyclists face real danger from drivers who consider them a nuisance.

Surely I’m not the only person who wants the council to show some leadership and make cycling a real and safe option for us all?

Duncan Hunter