I SHARE the disappointment of your writers with reference to the possible delay in the replacement of Gooseholme footbridge, Kendal (Letters, February 13, 'Gooseholme Bridge delays unacceptable' and 'Six years and counting').

Readers will be aware of the extensive proposed works to the banks of the River Kent which are only now being finalised by the Environment Agency.

It was essential that any new bridge be incorporated into these works, especially as the Gooseholme area floods so easily. This has been the primary cause of delay in its replacement. I’m sure readers would be rightly critical had we rushed through a replacement and then had to rebuild it again a few years later.

Planning law, and the law regarding open spaces and common land, can be frustrating to deal with. However, these laws are there for a reason and we simply don’t have the option to ignore them.

I would love to see this new bridge in 2020, but if it is to be delivered in 2021 then I and my fellow councillors are committed to making sure it is the best we can deliver and will stand for many years, serving pedestrians, mobility vehicles and cyclists.

Cllr Peter Thornton

Deputy leader, Cumbria County Council, and local member for Kendal Strickland and Fell