A brewery has set its sights on some of the biggest players in the hospitality industry.

The bosses behind Stringers in Ulverston say they will use 2020 to try and sell their products via the likes of Wetherspoons and Greene King pubs.

The declaration comes after the brewery achieved Society of Independent Brewers (SIBA) accreditation, which is a quality assurance mark linked to the beer production process.

Stringers' operation director Scott Mackenzie said: “The SIBA accreditation is huge for Stringers, because it validates our production process and is a requirement for most of the large pub chains when it comes to working with them as a supplier.

“Of course, we had full confidence in the way we brew our beer and already meet a very high bar when it comes to health, hygiene and safety, due to the regulations which govern us.

“SIBA offers further confirmation that all of the processes - before during and after - which are involved in creating beer at Stringers are exactly as they should be.”

Last year, Stringers' parent company Lakeland Inns invested £50,000 in an expansion programme to increase brewing capacity at the Ulverson-based beer house.

The business is now brewing more than 4,000 pints a week and supplying 12 different ales to pubs and bars.

The investment also paved the way for the launch of a range of bottled beers and mini kegs.

Scott said: "We are hopeful that by the end of the year, Stringers will be enjoyed, not just by ale lovers of the North West, but of the UK. That’s the dream - and that’s the goal.”