FORMED in 1958, the original Shadows included Hank B. Marvin (b. Brian Rankin 1941), the name Hank was a childhood nickname he acquired, Marvin was inspired by the American Country singer Marvin Rainwater.

Then there was Bruce Welch (b. Bruce Cripps 1941), Jet Harris (b. Terence Harris 1939-2011) and Tony Meehan (b. 1943-2005).

They began their career as a backing group supporting Cliff Richard on stage tours. First known as The Drifters, they had to change their name as the copyright was owned by the American Drifters.

After a meeting on a dull, dreary, rainy day in the Six Bells pub in Ruislip, the rain eventually stopped, the sun came out casting shadows on the wall prompting Jet Harris to suggest the name The Shadows, they all agreed.

Their first studio recording was on Cliff's sixth single release 'Travellin' Light'.

EMI producer Norrie Paramor offered the band a recording contract, their first release 'Saturday Night' was a flop, though the 45rpm single is valued at £40, the 78rpm is selling for £150.

Their next single 'Apache' was written by singer/songwriter Jerry Lordan, he first offered it to guitarist Bert Weedon who said he would "think about it".

Lordan then gave it to The Shadows. Apache shot up to the top of the charts, remaining there for six weeks, selling over a million copies.

The Shadows influence on the new generation of groups that followed was immense, Hank Marvin was the first to incorporate the new Fender Stratocaster guitar which gave the band a defining sound that became instantly recognisable, other bands soon followed suit.

Out Of The Shadows was their second album, it featured 13 tracks, none of which were issued as single releases which makes this album a unique collectable record.

They had three top ten singles in the charts around this time, two reaching No.1. They continued having hit records throughout most of the sixties, but in 1968 they announced they were splitting up but frequently reformed, usually with a different lineup but always with founder members Marvin and Welch at the helm.

In March '75 they represented the UK in Eurovision, this time as a vocal group finishing second with 'Let Me Be The One'.

To date, they have had 69 charted singles in the UK from the 1950s to the 2,000s, 35 are credited to The Shadows, 34 to Cliff Richard and The Shadows.

They have long been regarded as one of the greatest institutions in UK pop music and have survived a generation of musical cultural change yet continue to entertain audiences with their distinctive instrumental abilities.