In this week in The Westmorland Gazette: 100, 50 and 25 years ago

100 YEARS AGO - 1920

IN SPITE of the prevailing stormy weather and the exceptionally early period of the year, a robin can now be seen building its nest in the wall of an old storehouse in the gunpowder works at Elterwater. The nest is almost completed. It is a very singular event for this locality, where birds such as the little robin do not as a rule commence nesting before the end of March.

50 YEARS AGO - 1970

THE Westmorland section of the M6 is nearing completion. The motorway from the Lancaster bypass to the Penrith bypass includes thirty-six-and-a-half miles of three-lane dual carriageway and 78 bridges and underpasses. It is planned to open in September.

25 YEARS AGO - 1995

THE Shearman House chimney on Allhallows Lane is to have £25,000 worth of repairs, even though there will be no guarantee that it will ever stop leaking. The chimney was part of the original public wash house heating system and baths vent. The chimney was said to be architecturally important and a part of Kendal’s skyline, as important as the town hall clock.