THE words of William Wordsworth will be transformed into a digital poetry tour in the year of his 250th anniversary.

The project, entitled The Living Stone, was created by artist and research fellow Dr Leah Lovett along with technologists at the Centre for Advanced Spatial Analysis at the UCL.

The walk involves visitors receiving text messages of poetry as they follow a trail of stones embedded around the historical three Wordsworth cottages, Dove Cottage, Allan Bank and Rydal Mount.

The messages include juxtapose material from the notebooks of William Wordsworth and his sister Dorothy.

Visitors text the words on each stone they find to 07858 382728 and receive a poem in return.

Visitors are unlikely to receive the same set of poems.

Dr Lovett said: “Handling Dorothy’s original Grasmere journals, what struck me was the intimacy of the connection to the environment.

"The landscape materially shaped the Wordsworths’ writings, and their writing has shaped the landscape too."