A SCULPTOR found herself in court after police discovered a knife in her car.

Keira Draper pleaded guilty to charges of possession of cannabis and amphetamine but pleaded not guilty to the possession of a knife in public when she appeared at South Cumbria Magistrates’ Court.

The 41-year-old said she was commissioned to fell a tree and to do sculpting work on it for a friend.

Prosecution solicitor Lee Dacre said the incident happened on June 6, 2018.

Mr Dacre said police were called to Tesco in Barrow to a row between Mrs Draper and her husband.

He said police followed the car to Bath Street where they had stopped, and when asked to leave the vehicle, the officers found a open lock knife ‘within reaching distance’ as well as the drugs in the car.

Mr Dacre said: “There is no dispute that it is her knife.

“When she was later arrested for possession of a weapon she asked: ‘the axe or the knife’.”

Defence solicitor Michael Graham said the items were in the car for the defendant's commissioned work and there was also a saw and two felling axes in the car.

Mr Graham showed the court multiple images provided by Draper, of Bailey Street, Ulverston, which showed the progression of the sculpture from May through to December.

Draper said: “I did not feel comfortable having them items at home with my teenagers there.

“The knife was absolutely not connected with the drugs or for protection.”

When later questioned about her no comment interview with the police she agreed they were simple questions but did not comment because she was ‘annoyed with her husband and the police’.

Chair of the magistrates bench Charles Crewdson said: “We do not believe you have no good reason for the possession of the knife or for it to be open.

“We have not convicted you solely on your no comment police interview.”

Draper was found guilty but the court wanted there to be a pre sentence report done by the probation officer before a decision is made on her sentence next Wednesday.